Wes Driscoll of The Bastard Suns

Wes Driscoll of The Bastard Suns

We caught up with our friend Wes Driscoll (@BastardWes) of The Bastard Suns to find out a little more about his life at home when he isn't touring around with the band. The 37 year old lead guitarist has been playing for 25 years and counting, and has been with his current band for thirteen years now.

You can find wes on stage as well as in the water when he's "home" in California.

Describe the style of music y'all play: Punk/Reggae/Ska with elements of Irish Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Surf Rock*

Let's talk a little bit about surfing. Where do you call your 'home break' these days? Manhattan Beach

And you're from... Gastonia, NC

How old were you when you started surfing and how did that happen? I was 27. I grew up a serious skater in North Carolina until a broken arm almost cost me playing guitar, so about 10 years later while beginning to tour Florida, my singer Clay started teaching me how to surf, as he grew up surfing Jacksonville, FL. I lived in Atlanta at the time so I only got to surf a couple times a year but was hooked.

Who/what inspires you to surf? Why do you surf? I surf because it's fun. It also has a great way of humbling you at times and like playing an instrument it takes tons of work but so worth it. Andy Irons inspires me to surf and Mason Ho. Great style.

"Favorites"**....Tell me your favorite of the following:**

Guitar: Custom 24 Paul Reed Smith

B.S.'s song to play: Beach Break. It's my surf rock instrumental I did as a nod to Dick Dale and also The Ventures.

Song of all time (to listen to): Stevie Ray Vaughn's cover of Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing"

Band of all time: The Beatles

Food: Mom's Chicken Casserole. Good ole home cooked food.

Surfboard: Right now is my Brandon Russell's Surfboard shaped custom for me. 5'10x21x2 5/8 and it rips. It catches everything from thigh to head high and you can soul surf it or go performance. It's my go to from San'O to Huntington Beach or at Manhattan Beach where I'm at most mornings.

The Bastard Suns, Photo: Unknown- from The Bastard Suns website

The Bastard Suns, Photo: Unknown- from The Bastard Suns website

Thing about surfing: It's something that's just as fun with a group of friends or a solo sesh.

Venue to play a show/concert: The place where it all began for the band, The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. Doing shows there for 10 years and they never disappoint.

Surfer: AI, Kelly and John John

Guitarist: SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Danny Gatton, Eric Clapton, BB King, Dick Dale, Led Paul, Duane Allman. Way too many to ever pick one.

Wes on lead guitar  Photo: Unknown- from The Bastard Suns website

Wes on lead guitar

Photo: Unknown- from The Bastard Suns website

"Pick One" Pretty self explanatory

Acoustic or electric: Electric

Big air or big barrel: Big Barrel

Taco or burrito: Burrito

Libation or herb: Herb

Sun or moon: Moon

Salsa or guacamole: guacamole

High tide or low tide: Low Tide

Beer or whiskey: Whiskey

Slash or Hendrix: SRV 😉

Florida or California: I plead the 5th!

What are your perfect surfing conditions? 3-6ft with offshore winds, low tide with an incoming push with fun shoulders and occasional barrels.

Who wins the men's and women's surfing world titles this year? I wanna see John John take it again and Lakey Peterson is in a good place to take it this year.

Best up and coming band to listen for? Us haha. Bumpin Uglies are killing it out there.

What song is currently stuck in your head? Yellow Feather "Swallow You Down"

How many guitars do you own? 7, I own 2 Les Paul's, Strat, Tele, 335 but my Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 is like my number 1. It does everything in one guitar and a Second PRS as back up. Never tour without a back-up. A Kala acoustic rounds it out.

What's the best thing about being in a band? Playing music with your friends and seeing new places. 20+ times around this country will teach you more than you could imagine. The memories are what complete it.

Are the Bastard Sun's touring this year? Yes, we are, as well as working on a new album. I fly out to Denver for rehearsals in a few weeks.

Where can we find and see more B.S.'s? Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, etc. Just type The Bastard Suns in to Google.

What's next for Wes? Always keep playing guitar, record new music, keep pushing to become a better surfer and person, spend time with my amazing girlfriend Hayley, my family and friends. The band is also looking into going to places like England and Japan in the next few years. Just keep a positive mental attitude and see what's next.

The Bastard Suns, Photo: Unknown- from The Bastard Suns website

The Bastard Suns, Photo: Unknown- from The Bastard Suns website