The Siren's Guide to Swimwear 2018

Mi Ola

You may remember Mi Ola from last year, as they're one of our favorite surf bikinis! Helena, the owner of this beautiful company, is a city girl turned surfer. She packed her bags in search of a completely different lifestyle, and moved to Costa Rica where she realized how difficult is was to find bikinis that stay on in the surf. Mi Ola was born.

A few quick notes about Mi Ola: It stays on in even the biggest surf. Mi Ola suits are made with high quality UPF 50 fabric. All brass embellishments are top notch and will not flake or chip. The suits are MADE IN THE USA. 90 day return policy on unworn suits.

Each style has been surfed in and tested by real surfers, and has been SURF APPROVED. These bikinis will last you years in the water.

PRICING: Not bad for a bikini that's going to get you through any surf, and last a few years. Most pieces range from $85-$120, and one-pieces range from $120-$180.



Straight out of Cape Canaveral, FL, a local girl has been making custom bikinis from her home for years, going mostly unnoticed by the swimwear industry. But the little company is making a big bang with these newest creations!

The prints range from cute to edgy with a sexy, modern approach in the design, like high-rise and high waisted bottoms, and tops exposing just a bit of under-boob for a fresh, unique look.

Many pieces are reversable so you can enjoy two suits in one! And of course, they're MADE IN THE USA.

The company is so 'roots' that if you want a bikini, you'll have to hop over to the Instagram feed and pick the style you want, find a print you like, DM the owner and say, "I want that style, this size, in that print." and she will make it for you!

Pricing: Nice deal! Each piece is only $25 and one-piece suits are $60.


SlipIn's Surf SKins

This is a company that is all about making fun, comfortable suits to protect you from the sun and still breathe like a second skin. The high quality fabric is lightweight, keeping you cool on the hottest days of the year when you're looking for shade but still want to be in the ocean.

The company has several professional athletes as ambassadors, including Longboard Champion Lindsay Steinriede. These suits hold up in the biggest surf, but are also perfect for your average beach-go'er. Whether you're diving, snorkeling, playing volleyball, hiking or doing yoga, you'll love the comfort of a SlipIn's Surf Skin. They are SURF APPROVED!

You can also get matching suits for your little ones, as well as matching pants and other accessories for some prints. The suits are MADE IN THE USA as well.

Pricing: Most suits are between $120 and $150, and head bands are $15.

Voyage Swimwear

With a passion for travel, the owner of this company set out to create a swimwear line with the iconic Palm Beach style, but with a twist.

Whether you're lounging at a pool or relaxing on the beach of a far-off land, these suits are a suitcase essential for todays world traveler. The cartographic designs and colorful world maps carry a classy, sophisticated look and feel with high qiality fabrics and hardware, but with a care-free essense.

Pricing: Each piece of the featured suit is $85. We think this is very fair and reasonable!


One of our favorite companies here at TSL, Swoon delivers what every girl wants: A bikini that is flattering on any body type.

The cuts and seams are specifically designed to sit smoothly on the skin, not digging in or creating rolls. This makes the bikini fit to YOUR body and not the other way around. I was able to find the perfect bandeau, as shown, which is very difficult with larger-breasted girls, but Swoon made it happen!

The company is very proud to be MADE IN THE USA!

Pricing: Each piece of the featured suit is only $50. We say that's a great deal!


Sensi Graves

Designed by a professional kiteboarder, these suits are made for active girls who want a bikini that will stay put!

Their Values? CREATE and awesome product. INSPIRE a healthy lifestyle. PROTECT our environment.

I've tested this suit in overhead waves, and it was comfortable, it stayed in its' place, and was very cute in the line-up. It's SURF APPROVED!

Using high quality fabrics from Spain, each Sensi Graves bikini style is tested by girls who rip. They also use recycled packaging, incorporate recycled fabrics into their suits, everything is MADE IN THE USA, and 1% is donated to environmental causes.

Pricing: The Victoria Top is $54, and the cheeky Kyla Reversible Bikini Bottom is $50. That's a nice deal!



A true surf bikini company, Dkoko knows that, "women shouldn’t have to choose between functionality and femininity". These suits are SURF APPROVED!

Like many great surf bikini companies, Michelle Rodriguez saw the need for quality surf bikinis when she moved to Costa Rica at age 21, and began creating the perfect fits for active girls.

The company is also proud to say that their suits are made in their sewing shop in Nicaragua with the finest materials. Their production is ethical and and empowers the local women.

Pricing: Really fair! Tops are between $38-58, and bottoms are between $32-45, but they often have great sales, so check out the site for some discounts!


Bleu/Rod Beattie

Ladies, if you're dreaming of a far-off paradise, grab one of these suits and a sun dress and head to the beach.

A women's swimwear line, you can indulge in flattering, modest swimwear that is sexy and fun. The company uses high quality fabrics that are comfortable and strong, so your suit will hold up for many seasons of sunbathing and ocean dips!


Pricing: The Hankerchief Ruffle Hem dress is $93, the Off Shoulder Ruffle Bandeau Top is $81 with the $59 matching Sarong Bottoms.

Favorite Little Corner

Crochet Swimwear and Festival Wear

Valentine is a crafy girl from LA who sells her creations on Etsy in her Favorite Little Corner shop.

She's done quite well over the years as an Etsy seller, with heaps of great reviews and 5 stars. She'll exchange pieces that don't sit, and she offers international shipping.

If you're looking for some fruity fun or a uniquie suit, check her out. She has cheeky cuts and well as lace-up high-waisted bottoms, and they're cute!


Pricing: SWEET! That crochet watermelon top is only $36!

Lime Ricki

This is a company that believes that every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident, and feel beautiful in what they choose to wear. For so many, it can be daunting and intimidating to put on a bikini and hit the beach where so many other women have the "perfect body". But what is the perfect body anyway?! It is so important that women see beauty in themselves (and every body type!) and that they feel confident in their own skin. Lime Ricki helps us out by creating fun swimwear options that offer a little more coverage, but without sacraficing fashion.

Lime Ricki offers wire free support for the busty babes, and PLUS SIZES in these crazy cute and flattering styles.

Though the company doesn't specifically market their suits to surfers, we tried them out and loved what we found! They're SURF APPROVED by us. ...or at least the styles we have.

The company says, "We strive for that perfect fit. Why? Because we know when you feel cool, confident, and comfortable in a swimsuit, the world is yours ... or at least that stretch of the beach."

Pricing: The Candy Stripe High Waist Bottom we featured is $38.50, and the Olive Knotted Crop Top is $57.50


MOTT50 is the leader in fashionable sun protective apparel. Each garment is certified with 50 UPF, so shop their selection of swimwear and cover-up's to protect your beautiful skin on those harsh summer days in the sun this year.

Prints range from Moroccan tile to colorful floral layouts. The company has many pieces in solids and stripes, for a mature, classy feel when you're in the mood to be modest and traditional.

One thing in particular to note about this company is the quality! The material feels amazing and strong, so you can rest assured this suit will get you through several seasons in the sunshine.

Pricing: The Tenley suit featured is $98.

Red Carter

Classy and cute, Red Carter creates a confident woman with it's perfectly tailored designs that flatter.

Daniel Carter from California moved to Miami to pursue his fashion desires and has worked with several major companies that we know of today. In 2003, Red Carter was born. He now puts his ideas to life in NYC.

From the website: "The brand puts a modern spin on iconic swim fashion by continuously updating its signature aesthetic with new styles, vibrant prints, silhouettes and detailing that fit, flatter and flaunt all the right curves."

We love the quality, the fit, and the cute and thoughtful details we find in the Red Carter suits, like striped tie on the back of the high-waisted bottom, as seen in the photos that we captured. These are the things that set the company apart.

Pricing: The Shanghai Shirred One Shoulder Bikinis Top is $90, and the Tie Back High Waist Bikini Bottom is $92.

Gidget Swimwear

Gidget Swimwear is comfortable swimwear for both men and women. They make suits for the active beach-goer who loves to jump, surf, snorkel, and any other water activity you can think of. Each style suit is specifically designed to stay-put in the water no matter what you're doing, because so few suits on the market are built for surfing and beaing active.

The company says, "Our suits balance fashion, comfort, and style, AND still keep you covered." And by the looks of it, it's true!

Pricing: The company is currently a Kickstarter but they're going places! There are more pledge options than just the ones below, but here are a few to give you an idea of the discounts you will be able to get for your donation.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.42.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.49.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.49.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.43.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.08.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.08.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.09.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.12.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.13.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.15.40 PM.png


Amita Naithani

More than just a fashion line, Amita Naithani is a spiritual enthusiast taking inspiration from the world she travels. This is a line for the adventurer, for the woman who is confident because she has been there before, and for the ones who seek out the real world with excitement and color.

We found the swimwear to be artistic in nature, with a subtle, yet color approach. Each design appears to have been carefully thought out, and will compliment the modern lady on her journey to the sea or poolside.

Pricing: Pricing is very fair. Each of the one-piece suits featured is $68.00 USD.


Bold, color prints to pop on any beach, Malai swimwear is for the adventurous. Combinations or stripes and florals, shades of coral and green, and styles to catch eyes and turn heads are what you'll encounter with Malai. From high contrast to subtle hues, each design is fun and speaks volumes.

Some of these suits are well suited for surfing, others are the perfect bikini to flaunt that beautiful figure on the beach. Malai is one of our favorites here at The Siren's Log, and there's no misunderstanding why.

Pricing: Most pieces are around $75 each, one-pieces are a little more.



Alright, I'll quote the company straight away, since I couldn't really say it better myself.

*"Vivida is more than a brand. It is a movement, a community, a philosophy. Uniting a community of adventurers, dreamers, thinkers and doers with a passion for life and all it has to offer.

We put our heart and soul into building the best surf, water, yoga & activewear in the world. That is our mission. To build you products that are built for purpose and built for adventure, while simultaneously standing for a lifestyle that promotes lifting each other up to feel inspired, limitless and alive."*

Across their website, you'll see shots of Vivida suits on active athletes, with their sporty tops and sexy bottoms, rashguards and shorts, loungewear, and even items for men.

The company makes it clear, in every way, that it is a movement within itself; that it's beyond the realms of just being another "normal surf company".

Pricing: Bottoms start at around 34 Euros, top are between 45-59 Euros.

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