Sunshine on my Shoulder Makes Me Happy

Pick a sunny Sunday, put on a sun dress, drink sun tea, pick a sun flower, and be on your way into the sunshine.

When I was a little girl, Sunday's in Apalachicola were always my favorite day of the week. All of the weekdays were garbage, naturally, and Saturday was always pre-planned with some thing we'd have to do. Sunday was the day we went to church, and while I really despised sitting on a pew for over an hour listening to some guy rant past noon, I did like ringing the bell before church started. I liked the way the sun would shine through all of the stained glass windows, and the way we all sat in natural lighting, like we didn't need lights. We didn't. All we needed was the magical colors that strew the room. The high ceilings, wood beams, and velvet pews gave me a sense of security in a place that felt rich with culture. I'd lay my head back and stare most the time. I'd count the wood slats that made up the ceiling, and I'd count the pews, and I'd count each section of each stained glass window. It really didn't matter to me what the man was saying, it was more about the feeling I got.

When church was over, I'd walk out, among other people, into the sunshine, in the heart of a Florida day. The smell of the bay would blow right up to the church, and I knew that our lives were at peace. Sundays never felt like a day where we had obligations. It just felt like the day we went to church, traditionally. And I always knew that right after church, we'd be going to eat at The Hut, on the bay. We knew everyone there and it was usually quiet, and it felt like home since I still have memories of the place from when I was two and three years old.

We don't go to church anymore, and The Hut got knocked down completely in a hurricane nearly ten years ago. But the sun will always shine and remind me of Sunday.

Dress: Kairo Clothing

Footwear: Cape Dory Rigging

Jewelry: Inveniio

Hair: Paul Mitchell