WHY do you need my password?

The software needs your password to follow/unfollow and like on your behalf. No one has the ability to make actions with your account without that password. With that said, we NEVER log into your account on the app, so we never see your personal information, personal messages, and your password is never shared with anyone.

How many new followers Can I gain monthly?

It totally depends on YOUR content. There is no real answer to that. I have some accounts that get over 2,000 per month, and others that get under 1,000. It's generalyl safe to say that most accounts will gain between 750-2000 followers per month.

Will this service unfollow the people that I follow?

It can, unfortunately. I keep a close eye on all of the accounts and I do my best not to let the unfollows drop below where they started, but it can happen. If you're following friends and family, I encourage you to think of your account as a business, and make sure they understand that if you'd unfollowerd them, it isn't personal.

There is, however, a process called "whitelisting". If you want me to do that, you’ll have to send me a list for every account name that you want whitelisted and then I type them into the program. It’s not a problem to do. It will not unfollow these people.


No it doesn't. My laptop has to be open with internet connection to run the service, and therefore, there will be times where the system isn't running. There may even be the occasional day that it doesn't run because I may be on airplanes and in airports all day. However, i am generally in a situation where the laptop can be open and working for the better part of the day, because, afterall, it's my job!

Is this how you grew your following of over 34k?

It is! I've been using this system off and on for several years, and it's the smartest investment I've EVER made. I'm now a successful influencer, traveling the world and not having to work on yachts or teach surf lessons for a living anymore. That makes me very happy.

This seems dodgy. If you can give me 500 free followers right now, I'll believe it's legit.

Hahaha... If I gave you 500 followers instantly, it WOULDN'T be legit!

This is not an "instant follower" service. That service (which, yes, we can do that if you really want it, but we NEVER recommend it!) is to give you fake accounts or completely inactive ones. It's fast, and it'll make you look "cool" or successful, but when you have 20,000 followers and are still getting 20 likes on your photos, it's going to be pretty obvious that you're a fraud. And on top of it, based on Instagram algorithms, Instagram looks at the natural engagement from the first few minutes of your post to determine how many people it will show the photo to. If it receives lots of engagement, it'll keep showing it to your followers, as well as on your "Search" page in the app. With that said, if you have loads of followers, but receive little engagement, Instagram will assume it's a crappy post and you'll be getting even less engagement than you already were!

We don't GIVE you followers. You earn them using strategy and a process, to gain an organic following of people who WANT to follow you and will engage with you, and potentially purchase from you, if you're a business.

We are interested, but would like to learn more of what behind the scenes means. I have worked with social media companies that actually lost me followers.

Basically, it’s automation. The trick is managing it, knowing how to operate it, figuring out and plugging in the best hashtags, people to follow, etc… and then changing it up again and again… and monitoring it and having the system running all day, everyday, or as often as possible (I own the program so the computer has to be on and open for it to run.).

The thing with automation is that while is extremely effective, like anything, it has downfalls occasionally. I’m not sure what your social media company was using, particularly, but I expect automation was a part of their strategy because it’s part of most account growth strategies for both large and small businesses. You could do it all manually, but it’s a VERY slow process, you’d be working ALL day, and essentially, you’d be doing exactly what automation would be doing. Exactly.

The thing about it is this. The way to gain a massive following (aside of being famous already, or already being extremely well known), is the follow/unfollow method. You could just follow everyone who follows you but you’d max out at 7,000 followers (I believe that’s still the limit on people you can follow). From there, you’d be stuck following all of your followers, and you’d not have a clear strategy for gaining more. If you don’t follow a bunch of people, but still expect to gain followers, you’ll just grow really slowly, and you’d still have to put yourself out there in some other way, otherwise you’re not being seen enough to make any significant difference. Working with influencers does help, liking other people’s photos who don’t already follow you does help, and being active in general is very effective, but following accounts and then unfollowing several days later is often even more effective. I have accounts right now getting as many as 80 new followers per day, and even on my own account I’ve reached numbers over 200 per day, but not in a while, as people are becoming accustom to other people using automation, so it’s less effective than it used to be, but still the top option. I have other accounts that average only around 45 new followers per day. It depends on the content subject, the quality of content, etc.

The downfall? When you start automation, you’re continuously following and unfollowing, and there are still a few people out there who use those apps that list all the people who have recently unfollowed them, and they’re not Instagram savvy enough to know how the game works. They don’t understand growth strategies. They take it as, “They unfollowed me! Well then I’m gonna unfollow them too!” and it’s really pretty silly, but there’s nothing that can be done about those people. Occasionally I get people who PM me and say, “Why did you unfollow me?!” and I politely explain that I, like most every other influencer and business who has a large following on IG, use an “account manager” (I like to call it.) that will unfollow people, and it’s not personal. I’ve never had anyone not understand that. So, yes, I suppose it is possible to lose a few followers that way.

Also, there’s another thing that happens that companies don’t understand. If you are running automation on your account, when you suddenly stop, you’re going to see your numbers do a sudden, small drop in the next few days. This is only because of OTHER people using automation on YOU. You have to remember that some of your followers are also finding you via automation, following you for a few days, and then unfollowing you. When you’re running automation on your account and are constantly gaining followers, you aren’t noticing that. But when you stop, and your numbers aren’t rising, and your engagement slows down, you see that drop. These people are only unfollowing you because they’re doing exactly what you were doing. Don’t worry about it.

Another downfall is while you’re running automation,

if you decide to follow someone you really want to follow, the system is just going to end up unfollowing them in a few days . You CAN whitelist them, if it’s a few that you really want to hang on to, but most companies just live with that fact. I also tell people to never make a business account too personal. It’s great to have your friends follow you, but have them follow your personal accounts and let them know that you’re doing a thing which could result in them being unfollowed, and it’s not personal.

If you’re totally against the follow/unfollow method, you can use automation to just “like” photos, send PM’s (could do, but you have to be careful with that one), and comment on photos (you can, but it generally ends up being a weird comment on an irrelevant photo). On my own account, I follow/unfollow, like (for years that’s all I used), and I’m now sending out a message to new followers automatically. You CAN use the auto-message to welcome new followers and send a special discount code. It’s like, “spammy”, but if they followed you then they’re not going to complain about a discount code. Lots of companies do that. People are used to it. But using automation to just “like” photos will not grow your account like following other accounts. It’ll do something, most likely, but it’s not even comparable.

And with following, I can literally tell the system to follow followers of your competitors… things like that. There are some good tricks.