Photo Package- Photo packages featuring your products, with or without us in the shots, or even using hired models. Send us your products and we'll DropBox photos back to you to use on your website, in ads, and in social media. Minimum of 20 edited photos shot in 1-3 locations. -$200

Pick-and-Choose Photos- If we've worked together before, of if we just happen to shoot a few more shots of your product, you can opt to buy a particular photo at the rate of $10 each.

Video Creation- We shoot videos with your products, edit the videos, create custom music for them (to avoid copyright infringement), and then send them to you for use on your website, YouTube, and social media. Video of the product in various locations, either featuring us, or only the product, or with a hired model. Video of your place of business to feature your store front and interior. Custom music also created. **15 Seconds- $100,
Under 1 Minute- $300, Over 1 Minute- Ask for Rates

Photo Editing- Ever see Instagram feeds where everything just seems to flow, and the photos seem to feel consistent from one to another? We can help you edit all of your photos to have a similar feel so that your feed looks consistent. Creating a similar look between your photos for Instagram Feeds- $5 per photo

Article Writing- We write a lot of articles for our own website, and we've written a great deal for other companies as well. Need a guest writer? Here we are! And we'll write about anything from surfing, to traveling, to "How to Cook Spaghetti", even if we have to research it first. Looking for travel blog content? We are available to travel and explore, research, photograph, film and write about the topics that you want researched and documented. $100 per 500 words

Boomerangs- $15 each, featuring your product


Accounts Manager- Taking over duties of posting across all social media accounts, growing followings and staying active, organizing photos in a way that is balanced, and communicating with followers and potential followers. $750/month (that's 1 hour per day of organic activity @ $25/hour)

Automated Account Growth- Using software to grow Instagram accounts, targeting a specific clientale or location (can be used in conjunction with "Accounts Manager" package). -$50 for 30 days

Collaboration Management- Managing collaborations with social influencers, choosing influencers, communicating sizes, top choices and addresses, following up and receiving photos for the company, etc. $200 monthly, up to 8 influencers


Custom or current art pieces for use website designs, t-shirt art, etc.

Available for murals and other large projects. (contact for pricing)


Writing for websites, social media posts, etc. Contact for specific pricing

Custom Music/Jingles

Created by either or both, Siren Williams and Brandon Russell.



Custom-designed website on the SquareSpace platform. Additional pages can be requested later. You provide all content (photos, written words, etc.).

Home Page $400, $20 each link off the home page

$50-100 per additional page, depending, $20 for each link.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 2.44.36 PM.png


In case it wasn't obvious, we're influencers! That means that companies send us products to promote and we feature it either on our website or within our social media, giving companies exposure. If you would ever like to collaborate, shoot us a line in the contact section and let us know.

Exclusive Instagram Post- Focus is on your product(s), you're mentioned in the description, tagged in the photo, and no other companies are mentioned (but can be tagged in the photo). $50 (Photos can be purchased for $10 each)

Website Ad- One month ad on the home page of this website. $100

Annual Sponsor Decal on Website- $1200.

Surf Sponsor- Siren Williams surf sponsor, competing in WSL QS this fall as well as other local Florida contests, with decals on boards at all surf contests, decal on website. Sponsor money pays for contests, boards and travel.

1200. USD Annually Includes 2 posts per month and decals being seen on boards during free surfing and contests.

2400. USD Annually Includes 4 posts per month and decals being seen on boards during free surfing and contests.

400. USD, Trip Sponsor Sponsor one traveling adventure with decals on boards and a total of 6 mentions in posts.