I'd spent a lifetime in the sun and salt water. I was used to my hair being dry and brittle, with little to no pigment at the ends by the end of summer. In fact, I'd grown to love my hair just the way it was, despite the fact that it was in seriously bad shape. 

I'd gone in for an Olaphex treatment and a good trim a few months prior, and admittedly, it changed my hair for the better. We didn't take all of the dead ends off, because that would have been more than I'd have been comfortable with. Three to four inches was already pretty shocking. I'd been told by other beauticians that I really needed at least seven inches off. "It's just dead hair. All of it.", I recall one guy saying while looking it over with another lady while I was begging them to give me a body wave perm. They wouldn't touch it. 

So I got a wild hair and decided to head over to a Paul Mitchell school in Oviedo.