Oh Christmas Tree

The house had been a disaster since we moved in nearly twelve months ago, with boxes standing around, filling the entire bottom floor of the house, with only a little trail to walk through for several months. Eventually we started unpacking, reducing the number of boxes, but not yet completing one full room. No area was functional. There was no comfortable seating area. There was no clean floor. There was no space for cleaning and unpacking what was there.

Last month, my husband and I set out to end this downstairs, pack-rat agony that tormented us on the long walk to the kitchen everyday. We started moving boxes from one room, to one tiny room, which is probably what most people do for immediate relief. We now have a storage room. But we did take a lot of things to a local thrift store which funds the non-euthenization of doggies.

The room that particularly came together was a parlor, where we put our Christmas tree. We shot a few Christmas photos for Sheridyn Swim in this beautiful room last week. Enjoy!

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