Our Health is Our Wealth

By: Candice Griffin

There are many ways to approach health and longevity for the minds and bodies of our ever shifting paradigm of reality while trying to live out our purpose. Even though we are all different in so many ways, making choices in life to preserve ourselves and just be happy and satisfied should not have to be so confusing. That being said, we as a species could use a more cohesive understanding of what can be ethically considered or recommended as food/nourishment for any geographical area. We have the technology to bring food to any area of the planet, and therefore, even the ones living far and wide should have the ability to make beneficial choices that are advantageous for the planets varied life to be sustained and evolve peacefully and interdependently. Like many things in life, we could use a worldly agreement or guidance system about the philosophies of what to consume/promote and engage ourselves in to not feel so lost in our mission to remain conscious of each others lives as were now in this world.


It may be our purpose in this generation to learn how to bring together our consciousness and efforts of all kinds in creative, functional ways that seek to feed and feed off of every community that has come to thrive on the planet in the smartest, most practical ways possible. There is inherently perceived good and bad to just about anything in life that hath come into existence naturally or manmade so that we can understand or relate with each other in this paradigm. It doesn't mean that we can just ignore the power we have to live to out our own creative, highest potential lives as individuals as well as engaging in efforts to be our best for the benefits of all.

We are wired to observe and be most present with natures true cycles, and we should expect it to extend to us in all its ways all we need to live and understand or apply what is worthwhile for us to endure to thrive emotionally, mentally and physically. When looking at how the body and mind works, it is some what simple to see how we are wired and why it is confusing to always say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things. We are noticing a basic disconnection from our natural rhythms and deepest innate needs of having comfort and understanding in why we even exist or why we want to exist to sleep our homeostasis levels strong and so forth. Why are we not always comforted by the present moment in knowing that it is all we really have? I think we are not satisfied with all we are aware of and for good reason since we seem to have the power to change what we recognize or perceive as true wealth.


Humans, and especially animals, are not built for the current types of stress of this world that was built human-centrically instead of respecting all of life and nature but somehow we have built this world that we know today even heavily aware of the imbalances we have caused.
I believe it feels convenient and sophisticated, yet difficult, scary and destructively messy all at the same time. Its like yes, processed foods are so common and some have genuine, inherent intent on making life in our time more convenient, its just that no matter how our ego want to twist it most man-developed foods are not what the body was designed for and are genuinely not optimal, even if advertised to be some major enhancer that “you really need”. Its not ideal even when our dopamine receptors pop off while eating what is all too often scientifically designed to be hyper-palatable and hack your pleasure centers into thinking “you’re getting what you need”. The truth is that we have been designed w/many mechanisms of satiation or health promoting, feel good sensations we could experience when eating a whole foods “closest to nature” diet. Sadly, in all of the ways we consume in life, many of us have been numbed to what simple health or stable homeostasis may really feel and look like, and many just get used to living with symptoms that we know now are not optimal or necessary, which promotes genetic expression that may not be optimal and does little for the evolution of our species.

What is advised to a person seeking optimal health need not seem such a puzzle because all of us want and need to be in a space of wealthily-healthful, evolving, thriving communities with supportive friendships and healthy activities in movement or mental stimulation. This includes having a solid hand and conscious mind, and being aware of how and why our food is actually grown, produced and prepared. It is a simple concept that we were made in the most natural sense, designed to interact with the Earth every day, observing growth and harvesting the abundance Earth provides. We could be passively nurtured as part of our happiness therapy and just living with practical and synergistic actions that always come full circle to protect and nourish us and the organisms that we are on every level.

Making changes or trying new things that resemble a need to self love and “selfishly” care for our selves first while helping the planet and all of its beings seems to be necessary if we want higher consciousness. We now need the confidence to identify and denounce most processed foods and the way we have come to greedily breed animals into existence while seeking to capitalize. (Root word cap, meaning head, like how many heads you have to sell or buy or trade is how capitalism started, which lead to war and more sketchy type karma, if you will.) Humans over-exploit other species or animals on every level, which seems to really undermine our sense of empathy and respect for other beings in nature leading to confusion and violence among our own species and disfunction for the rest of the planets interdependent nature. This, in theory, may lead to breaks in our pure, spiritual consciousness that we all want to experience. We seek the reassurance that our basic needs are available and mindless to incorporate, so there is only so much that we can do for now, except to keep striving for better. Becoming and staying as aware as we can of how contributing to solutionary causes is critical to life as we know it.

It seems that now our best bet is to be as healthy, adaptable and competent as possible as we realize that we are all just communities of organisms existing in response to other organisms around us. So just like any micro-biology group of plants or organisms that creatively communicate to exist interdependently, symbiotically and synergistically, why not come together and make decisions for the sake of everyone and avoid violence or imbalances of strength and efforts for the benefit of all as best as we can?

If we were to respect other beings enough to welcome them to be a part of each others lives, then we all have clear jobs in this life. Having good health does not have to be a fight or involve violence, coming to points of malfunction or destruction in the way that it seems right now. Every being has a built-in, perfect intellect and ability to connect in ways that serve purposes for themselves, while relating in balanced ways to other forms of life. We must be adaptable as to remain healthy by simply following and respecting the ways and laws of nature and its tendencies and be more prepared to live around that etc.

Most hunting and killing doesn't really seem to be doing our world many favors any more, although you can always find a reason and seemingly genuine justification for every motive with humans and our egos. I really feel like we are actually becoming quite clever as a species, more capable of moving beyond the exploitation, separation and speciesism that is currently pervading and seems all too often in the name of health of our minds, bodies and collective spirits. One cool thing is that there are large, legit bodies of scientific evidence and peer reviewed literature supporting the fact that we do not need to consume any animal products to thrive. What we are seeing is that we can simply produce enough food to feed our world though simple collective smart gardening techniques, cultivating lives that promote peaceful communities and homesteads supporting each other, embracing our individual talents or tendencies etc..

It is an ever-flowing, strength-creating challenge to relate peacefully to our surroundings and to each other while finding our purpose in this life. Like every sprout that grows, we know we came into life with challenges, striving to mature, act or serve as creatures that may reproduce and contribute to the life around it in ways we cannot always explain in words. While we are in this spring having gone though the sign of Aries and now in Taurus, we have a chance to recognize the challenges and observe the struggles of life and in everything we know to be new or natural and be present with it. For some it can be a time to observe fresh life and to maybe act on trying to be a bit kinder to our selves or finding ways to inspire kindness and avoid treading on others, while staying strong and true to who we are as individuals.


I sincerely hope that we can recognize and find the ease in transitioning to an easier or simpler more compassionate time on our complicated planet. We may, hopefully very soon find us in a time where everyone is fed well and thriving in ways that do not include war, greed, epic imbalances or leaks in what could be tight, globally conscious world of organisms. Effectively yet efficiently evolving though the virtues of beauty and bliss that is our birthright, while remaining purely peaceful as we always were from the beginning knowing we have every right to be healthfully harmonious till the end. I feel that no-one is really winning with health until we are all winning and weathly with health because wealth is first and foremost health after all and the base on which we will discover why and how we are here, I believe leading us to a more peaceful purpose, and self actualizing existence for every living thing.