Need to grow your instagram account?

So you're trying to grow that account and it just isn't happening fast enough? Let us help!

There are several factors that will affect your account and stunt its growth, and we can have a look, offer REAL, custom advice for your posts, and then start growing our account for you. You can carry on posting just like you normally would, and we'll be over here working in the background. You just sit back and watch the numbers rise!

NO! We do NOT sell you fake followers, EVER. We target REAL people who have a genuine interest in your account and we find people in the areas of your choice.

Think it's impossible? It's not. In fact, it's common practice for major businesses, and now even small businesses are using the same tactics to grow accounts. Account growth isn't a secret anymore. Let a professional Instagram guru do the work for you to insure you get the maximum amount of growth without running into problems.


"How does it work?"

Using software to "automate" you account, we can follow, unfollow, like photos, comment on photos, and send private messages to new followers. While you may not use ALL of these options, the follow/unfollow method is the most popular way that companies, bloggers and influencers grow into large accounts.

The follow/unfollow method is a process of following accounts that are relevant to your account. For example, we can target followers who have recently liked other photos that were tagged with a certain hashtag, or even follow the followers of one of your competitors or someone similar to you. Automation is an excellent way to grow your following without spending all day following and unfollowing accounts, as many people do before they realize automation exists. The system will follow accounts, and then in a few days (we'll tell it how many days), it will go back and unfollow. Of course you'll have additional options, like, you can continue following the people who followed you back, and you can avoid following private accounts, or people who haven't posted in a while.

Liking photos is a great way to raise engagement, and some people choose ONLY this form of automation, although it is not even comparable to using the follow/unfollow method. It will not grow your account as quickly, but it is less conspicuous, and it can catch the eye of a few people and increase your overall engagement.

You're welcome to leave comments on other photos, but this one is tricky. We'd almost like to say that we don't recommend it, simply because there's too good of a chance that you'll end up leaving an irrelevant comment on someones photo, or leaving a "thumbs up" on someone's spilled milk. Frankly, it's risky, and can be somewhat spammy in certain cases. But if you want it, we'll do it!

Sending private messages is a great way to offer new followers discounts on their first purchase, or simply introduce yourself. You can also use it to ask a simple question, just as a conversation starter. Many accounts benefit from doing this, but you must be aware that every message that is sent will show up in your PM inbox, so you'll often need to scroll down through messages to check them, making sure not to accidently miss any. This can be annoying for some people, but you can easily turn off notifications for messages in your settings.

We're happy to answer questions at any time! Just let us know what your concerns are.

We've also pade a special page where we answer question that YOU have asked us!

"What's it cost?!"

Simply said, $50 per month (YES! THIS IS A NEW DEAL!!!) will get you the account growth. That includes a free advise session via email before we begin.

The amount of growth you gain will ultimately depend on the quality of your account, which is why you'll get immediate advice, to help you create a beautiful account that will attract a following.

"But I still need help!"

That's ok too! It's understandbale that not everyone is "good" at social media, and not everyone has time for it! We also offer social media management packages for those who want to completely step back and relax. But you'll need GREAT content! We offer photo packages, if we're in your area, and if not, we'll help you find a local photographer in your area to gather content for your feed.

All rates can be seen here.

"I'm Ready."

Ok, good. Just look up in the top right corner of this website and hit CONTACT. Let me know who you are and what you need and I'll be in touch with you on how we can get you the numbers you're looking for!

Fine Print: Instagram automation is not "allowed" by Instagram, but it is still used by a huge majority of businesses large and small, which is precisely the reason you want an experienced social media influencer to handle the account so that you don't end up having your account deactivated, or even shadow-banned without you knowing.