Starfysh Wetsuits

If you're looking for some warmth this chilly season, there are a lot of options. But if you're looking for that perfect print, check out the artwork on the Starfysh wetsuits before looking elsewhere. These super-cute suits are great for summer days in California, windy Florida evenings, and cool fall and springs afternoons. With a small range of one-piece swimsuit style neoprene suits, to long janes, they're worth checking out! And they're reversable! We love small, California businesses, so give them a look before supporting big box companies.



A company that believes in healthy living and providing sustainable clothing, Prana has a small assortment of neoprene tops and springsuits. Choose from floral prints, striking colors, or solid black.

Prana is proud to claim their efforts to create eco-friendly products by choosing sustainable materials, creating fair trade jobs, and using recycled and organic fabrics.



Isurus is really propelling the surfing industry forward, when it comes to neoprene. We've all heard of the new yamamoto neoprene, which has claims of being more eco-friendly. (We'll cover that argument later.) But have you heard about compression wetsuits? Isurus makes wetsuits that work entirely different than your traditional wetsuit.

The company says, "Isurus Surfing Wetsuits are designed with a compression material that helps get warm, oxygen rich blood to your muscles when it is needed most. Muscles that get increased blood flow and oxygen create less lactic acid, which allows you to: SURF STRONG. SURF LONGER. STAY WARMER."

Not only that, but the entire cut of the suit itself is unlike any other. "Isurus designed the wetsuit patterns with the arms raised overhead. Putting your arms in the optimal power position for paddling. Such an arm position minimizes resistance and gives you increased forward reach with more power and less shoulder strain."

Yamamoto neoprene is 98% impervious to water, which means it dries faster, and it's significantly lighter in the water.


Saint Jacques Wet-a-Porter

Now here's something different! Saint Jacques Wetsuits from Europe creates high quality (seriously, 5 stars on quality) neoprene suits that don't always appear to be wetsuits. For 2017, this is the only womens style, with a classic, times-past feel and skirted bottom with sewn-in bottoms underneath. I've never had so many compliments on a wetsuit until I paddled out at Malibu wearing this suit. It's unique, insanely comfortable, and the maneuverability I have in it is great. This is a 3/2mm suit.

For men, ...Oh, you'd better just click the name at the top of this blurb and go see what they have for men. We're talking about Polo shirt wetsuit tops, drawstring long john's, varsity jacket wetsuit tops, and things of that nature. But this isn't a company just goofing off. These are actually great suits.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 9.41.59 AM.png

Looking for something girly? Don't run out and buy that black matte suit just yet. We have something unique, fun, colorful, and WARM! Here's a company with a full range of suits with everything from one-piece neoprene swimsuit styles, to full suits, to hoods.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 9.40.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 9.40.29 AM.png

You cheeky girl! Here's your suit! When I first popped on this Flyn suit, my first mental note was the lightweight neoprene used in its' construction. This isn't the type of suit that's going to weigh you down or restrict movement. These high quality neoprene wetsuits are made in cheeky cuts and beautiful floral prints. Here, I'm featuring the traditional, solid black, but don't be fooled! Head over to their website to see the impressive prints they carry. 

A quote from Flyn Wetsuits: "Each and every wetsuit is authentically crafted with the utmost care and precision We are setting a new standard for quality. The world’s latest anatomical technology has allowed us to reach new heights in wetsuit mobility. Our high performance materials have been tested and proven to be resilient in all physical performances."



Hey Florida girl! (or not!) Get your flamingos on- We're goin' surfin!

If you're looking for some truly unique European clothing or wetsuits, Colorshake has a variety of things that can scratch that itch.

Here we have a 2mm floral/flamingo springsuit that is going to be perfect for surfing on those chilly spring days.


Billabong (via XT Outfitters)